Affordable Maldives Gateways: Tips and Tricks

cheap holidays to Maldives

Maldives is the most visited destination in Asia. after listening to Maldives first thing that comes to mind is beautiful beaches and overwater bungalows. Maldives is an exceptional place to visit. It has beautiful beaches, clear waters, and beautiful landscapes.

Getting There

You can come to Maldives at Male International Airport. This airport is near to Europe, Africa, and other parts of Asia. After reaching the airport you can use different means of transportation to reach your hotels or resorts. You can use a bus, car, taxi, or seaplane to reach your destinations.

The Best Time to Visit Cheap Holidays to Maldives

If you want to visit the Maldives then its better to move there between November and April. During these months there are no rainy seasons or cloudy weather. So, you can perfectly enjoy your dream tour. But keep in mind that this is not good for budget-conscious travelers as the costs of everything are high. It’s a tip for budget-conscious travelers to visit in shoulder season instead of peak season.

Affordable Accommodation Options

Arranging accommodation for your trip is an important task to do. For affordable accommodation, you need to follow some important tips.  You can book in advance to get discounted deals. You can prefer to stay at budget-friendly hotels, youth hostels, or at a guest house. You can choose shoulder season to visit, and during this season you can avail accommodations at affordable cost. Grill with Maldivian flavors and  Furaveri Maldives are good options to stay in Maldives.

Free Activities

Threw are plenty of free activities in the Maldives for budget-conscious travelers. And if you want to go snorkeling or scuba diving you can go to the public island. They are cheaper as compared to resort islands. For kids, there are many parks where your kids can enjoy.  You can avoid expensive activities and prefer budget-friendly activities to do in Maldives. This is the way you can make your Cheap Holidays to Maldives possible.

Choose Local Ferries

In Maldives, you can transfer from one island to another by ferry boat, or plane. You can choose local ferries as they low cost. And you can move from one place to another easily.  But keep it in mind that their ferries have low-frequency and limited routes. You may also need to change the ferry. If you are going far. In this way, you can enjoy your cheap holidays to Maldives.

Visit Local Beaches

Are you fed up and want some vitamin- sea? Just go and visit Maldive’s local beaches. You can enter there free of cost and can use beach lounge chairs or wooden swings. You can also take a towel or blanket to the beach to lay down on the sand to make you feel relaxed. Keep one important thing in mind all the beaches are not bikini beaches as Maldives is a muslim country. There are only a few beaches that are for tourists only. Rest of the beaches you cannot explore wearing shorts.

Eat From Local Eateries

You can eat from public hotels to save money. Apart from this, you can also eat from local eateries at a reasonable cost. You can enjoy seafood, their curry fresh fruits, and fresh juices. It can cost you 1 dollar per meal which is quite reasonable. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your cheap holidays to Maldives and make memories. This is the best way to taste the traditional meals of Maldives at an affordable cost.

Book Flights Early

Booking flights early can save you money. So, all you need to do is check for flights before your bookings. Check out about rates and keep checking different websites to avail discounts on flights. In this way, you can save money and enjoy your cheap holidays to Maldives. Some travel companies also offer promotional discounts. So you can check them as well.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, cheap holidays to Maldives are a good option for budget-conscious travelers. You just need proper planning to make your plan to visit Maldives on budget successful. After savvy planning, pack your luggage and leave for an amazing but affordable escape.