Are Kraft Boxes Suitable for Food Packaging?

kraft boxes

The kraft boxes can change the products prohibited in the field of packaging, prominent in the area of food packaging. They have become popular due to several factors such as their nature-consistent, toughness, and multi-functional uses. Small and big companies alike have usable kraft boxes, thus their primary option for packaging foodstuffs of different types. 

This article on kraft boxes will transport the reader into their world not only by looking into the advantages but also by factoring in some of the considerations in choosing kraft boxes and why food packaging needs them.

What are Kraft Boxes?

The kraft boxes are normally formed from phenol pulp products by wood fibres. As a result of this, we developed collapsable boxes that are both strong and surprisingly lightweight and have a natural brown hue. These containers are readily accessible and can be fitted for many size needs. They can be customized to different styles and shapes.

Parameters to Consider 

While  custom kraft boxes packaging offer numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider certain factors when choosing them for food packaging:

Food Type

A kraft box’s appropriateness against food to be packaged depends on the type of food. A Kraft box is a good fitting container for dry food products-for example cookies or crackers. Nevertheless, they might not be cut out for absorbency issues such as greasy or moist cooking staff which become soggy.

Moisture Resistance

Regular kraft boxes like these by themselves, do not have a built-in moisture resistance property. Ventile the package of moist food by using a box that wraps in a greaseproof lining or choosing a laminated kraft package with a moisture barrier. The added layer of protection will ensure the food remains fresh.

Temperature Control

Kraft packages cannot prevent heat change. In the case of items requiring temperature control (like frozen and hot foods), coupling kraft boxes with insulated materials would be an additional add-on.

Additional Features 

Several features can further enhance the suitability of kraft boxes for food packaging:


Eye-popping kraft boxes with windows are an effective merchandising tool when it comes to providing customers with a brief overview of a product being offered, hence tempting sales.


Lids are just another security layer that separates away the food and displaces the dust outside, especially for takeaway or delivery items.

Wholesale Options

Businesses having extensive packaging needs are best Eco-Friendly packaging kraft boxes wholesale as these offer great business discount rates.

Security and Protection

Firstly, maintaining freshness and integrity inside the food products is the top priority in food packing. Kraft boxes with lids offer the additional advantage of a safe enclosure which enables the cargo to be sheltered from dust, and moisture and shields it from any tampering. 

Whether it belongs to sandwiches salads or confections, a hard lid will ensure the complete containment of the contents thus maintaining their quality and taste until they get to the consumer’s hands.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Kraft boxes wholesale in Canada must adhere to rigorous regulations to protect the public from any disease transmission and contamination. Operators can determine whether Kraft boxes are of high quality or not before they buy from any supplier that complies with the industry standards and regulations, this will help them preserve the trust that customers may have in them and also permit them to be in total calm to some extent.

Convenience in Packaging

Aside from the traditional cardboard kraft packaging boxes, small kraft boxes wholesale serve a larger purpose in the packaging world, especially for the single-serve box or sample size packing requirement. These strong small boxes are just right for the package of snacks, sweets, and small portions of other food items. An example of the use of our Kraft boxes of chocolate is a one-serving snack pack or mini-dessert sampler for a grab-and-go experience. 

The Future of Kraft Packaging

By adopting a strategy based on sustainability and innovative in-pack excitement, Kraft has the potential to change the way the industry is perceived. Ranging from green materials to conceptions that simultaneously improve the functionality and appearance of kraft packaging boxes wholesale, the future of this type of packaging technology is ever-evolving. Through the adoption of green schemes and willingness to innovate, companies can stay at the front line of this dynamic market.


Kraft boxes, in general, have a lot to offer for diverse packaging purposes and hence, can prove an excellent choice for food item handling by businesses from various segments of industries. It matters not whether it’s the eco-friendly nature of kraft boxes, the transparent beauty with clear windows or the pocket-friendly aspect of wholesale packaging. Kraft packaging is a reliable and sustainable solution for packing foodstuffs with amazing versatility.