Developing An E-Commerce App Like Meesho

While the reselling market has operated offline all these years, e-commerce app Meesho and Skapry changed the dynamics and presented a new meaning to the retail tiers. Notably, the India-based mobile application has emerged with the objective to make the reselling ecosystem available to every individual to earn profits. 

Interestingly, an app that started by selling fashion and electronics is now dealing with a wide range of goods across categories. Impressive, isn’t it? 

While Meesho is one of very few successful reselling mobile apps, it is your opportunity to grab if you’relooking forward to stepping into the market with a similar idea. 

While you’ll learn more on the subject in this blog, don’t forget to partner with an exceptional ecommerce app development company for insights.

Let’s begin!

The Working Mechanism of the Meesho App

Developing an app like Meesho will require you to understand the basics of how it operates. The ecommerce startup have products available at the lowest prices, which is a highly intriguing factor for the customers. The app allows resellers to push the lists of products from suppliers that scales Meesho’s model. Furthermore, the reseller is considered to be the affiliated marketer who enable the app suppliers to find buyers for their products in exchange for commission. 

Talking about Meesho’s business model, it is similar to any other e-commerce platforms along with its own unique elements. Take a look:

– D2C: Since customers can get their hands on great quality products at competitive prices directly from wholesalers and retailers, the model is Direct-to-Customer.

– B2B: You must have noticed the incredibly low prices on Meesho than any other platform, customers buy goods from the app to sell further at profits. Thus, it operates as a Business-to-Business model.

– B2C: Meesho retailers are also selling goods to consumers directly, following a Business-to-Consumer approach.

Popular Monetization Models Implemented By Meesho

Every business invests in app development or other approaches to enance their business visibility and earn profits. While you step into the digital landscape with the help of a terrific app development company, you must incorporate the best monetization model for generating higher revenue. 

1. Commission

As mentioned earlier, Meesho charges a commission fee from the sellers, which is its primary earning source. Notably whenever a retailer resells the item using the Meesho platform, a commission of about 20-30% is charged. Not to mention, the commission is only charged from registered businesses who sell goods via the app. 

2. Featured Products

Undoubtedly, the number of resellers are rapidly rising on the platform, and the app charges extra commission from the sellers who want their products to appear as the top results. Thus, it works as an additional revenue stream for the app, and you may apply the same strategy for your e-commerce app development as well.

3. Data Selling

Indeed, locating a track to the revenue stream using the app will hold your data. However, Meesho makes sure that no privacy is violated, and only that data is sold which does not lead to privacy concerns.

4. Logistics

Meesho has been working on lowering down its delivery expenses  and increasing its revenue by utilizing logistics technology.

Features Incorporated By Meesho That Wins the Edge

1. Browse and Select Products

Resellers can easily browse the Meesho’s catalog and pick products that are best suitable for their business. Undoubtedly, Meesho deals with a wide range of product line that attracts a number of indistries to work with the same.

2. Product Sharing with the Network

Resellers can easily share the products with their network, including family, friends, and other people. Doing so leads to product promotion and attracts the attention of the potential buyers.

3. Order and Payment Management

Once an order is placed by the buyer, a notification is triggered to the reseller within the app, after which the seller can confirm the order and accept its payment. The best part is the integration of multiple payment gateways, including COD, UPI, debit/credit cards, etc., which gives app users a choice of payment.

4. Profits and Rewards

Indeed, resellers can make profit from each sale as each product has a minimum margin of about 20%. Additionally, the app also extends numerous profits, like bonus, incentives, vouchers, etc., to its resellers.5.

Training and Support

Meesho is committed to empowering resellers in their online businesses by offering comprehensive support and training. Resellers can enhance their selling skills and knowledge through a wide range of resources, including product catalogs, marketing tips, and instructional videos. Additionally, Meesho offers a dedicated support team to assist resellers with any inquiries or challenges they may face.

To Sum Up!

In conclusion, embarking on the journey of developing an e-commerce app like Meesho is a promising endeavor. The e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, offering immense opportunities for innovative platforms that cater to the needs of resellers and buyers alike.
With the right strategy and dedication, your e-commerce app could become the next big success story in the digital world. So, rope in an exceptional ecommerce app development company in india, and take your first steps towards success.
Good luck!