EICR for your commercial property – why you need it

EICR for your commercial property – why you need it

Electrical safety is one of the most major concerns for both owners and managers of commercial properties. It is extremely crucial to ensure wellbeing of every employee, customer, guests and assets in a commercial facility or building. One of the vital steps in ensuring this safety is conducting an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report.

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You could be located anywhere in the UK, say Fulham, Putney or Battersea. In that particular case it is important that you know the importance of EICR Certificate and hire a certified and competent electrician to maintain a secure electrical system in your business or commercial property.

First let us understand what an EICR Certificate is and why it is important for every commercial spaces.

Correct understanding of the EICR

An EICR is also known as a periodic inspection report. It is a comprehensive assessment of the electrical installations in a property. This assessment proves helpful identifying potential issues. It also brings to the surface defects and issues related to non compliance with safety standards. When commercial properties are concerned, an EICR is recommended every 5 years. This ensures both ongoing safety and compliance.

Reliable electrician services are readily available in London to carry out these inspections. Thus maintaining a secure electrical system in your commercial property is not a difficult task.

Legal necessity

As per the existing law in the UK every commercial property must undergo regular EICRs. This is meant to ensure the properties comply with safety regulations. This legal obligation exists in order to protect occupants or tenants in a commercial property (along with their staffs and employees), visitors and the property itself.

Qualified and experienced electricians working in Commercial Electrician London can easily guide you on the subject of EICR certificate for a commercial property. They can update you on all the relevant aspects including regulatory requirements and can also help you maintain compliance. Thanks to their wholehearted effort there is no way to endanger lives in your property due to electrical faults. In addition to that you do not face penalties either for being unable to maintain compliance with the regulations.

Identification of hazards

One of the crucial aims of an EIR is to identify potential hazards related to electricity. These hazards may range from an overloaded circuit, faulty wiring, outdated equipments, a damaged outlet to an outdated equipment to name a few. These issues must be addressed promptly. When a prompt action is taken there is a lesser risk of electrical shocks, fires and other related hazards. Skilled and experienced electricians can precisely identify these hazards thus safeguarding your property as well as people using it.

Repairs and maintenance tasks must be prioritised

After an EICR assessment you will get a detailed report of the findings. The report will outline any issue that was unearthed during the inspection. The report categorises the issues as following –

  • C1 – identifying issues that are dangerous and require prompt and immediate action
  • C2 – issues that are potentially dangerous and must be addressed promptly
  • C3 – issues on which improvement is recommended

All issues that are categorised under C1 and C2 must be addressed promptly. This is required to eliminate immediate risks to safety. The electrician whom you hire for the EICR inspection can also help you prioritising repairs and maintenance to efficiently address the concerns found in the report.

Facilitating a more energy efficient surrounding

A periodic electrical inspection report or EICR focuses on the safety concern. It assesses the overall efficiency of the electrical installations in a property. Inefficient electrical systems often lead to higher utility bills. Moreover such systems also create negative impact on the environment. As you address the inefficiencies mentioned in an EICR report it becomes possible to put energy consumption under check. As a result sustainability of your property increases. Technically sound and qualified electricians can also recommend solutions to make your property energy-efficient. An energy-efficient property helps saving money of the owner in the long run. Moreover it also reduces carbon footprint adds a professional electrician who quotes reasonable cost of EICR certificate for commercial properties

Insurance coverage ensured

Insurance companies often ask for proof of regular EICR inspections. Without these proofs they do not want to cover your commercial property with their insurance policy. You should conduct EICR inspections are regular intervals. When your insurance is filled there is nothing to worry about in the event of an incident that occurs because of the electrics system of the property. Otherwise you may have to incur a hefty financial loss. When you schedule EICR inspections for property on time and gets the work done by a qualified electrician your property stays sufficiently insured.

Peace of mind matters

Conducting routine EICRs for a property definitely caters to the compliance issues. It also addresses the immediate safety concerns. But more importantly it provides the much-needed peace of mind to all stakeholders involved with a commercial facility. Everyone, including your tenants, partners, customers, clients, visitors, employees and investors, benefits on knowing that you prioritise their safety. An electrical system that is well-maintained it demonstrates the property itself is managed with professional and responsible approach. When your commercial property undergoes EICR inspects at regular intervals then every stakeholder associated with it feels you prioritise their wellbeing. This confidence improves your relationship with your tenants, business associates, customers and vendors alike to fuel your long term success.   

Final takeaway

According to an electrician who charges reasonable cost for commercial EICR says something relevant to the present context. According to the tradesman these days, EICRs happen to be one of the most crucial elements to demonstrate electrical safety in a given commercial property is properly maintained. Choosing experienced electricians is better to carry out EICR inspection for a property. The electrician is well aware about the local safety standards and regulations to prioritise the inspection accordingly.

The cost of an EICR testing

An EICR inspection must be carried out by a qualified and competent individual. The cost of an Electrical Installations Condition Report is never uniform and it varies from case to case depending on few factors. The cost depends on the electrician services company you hire to a large extent. Even the size and location of your property and the type of inspection that needs to be done affects the price. To get the exact cost figures you are free to contact us at Commercial Electrician London. An electrical safety certificate for a commercial property is something that you cannot give a slip to. These reports help you comply with the existing norms as well as bringing any potential electrical hazard to the forefront to reinforce safety.