Gojek Clone MVP in a Couple of Weeks: Myth or Reality?

gojek clone

Starting a business that offers multiple on-demand services requires a test of validation and determining the best way to check it with the help of Gojek Clone MVP. However, some have said that most MVPs take months to design and develop. Well, a Gojek Clone app made by a known white-label firm states otherwise. Let’s learn in detail.


Understanding the design and development of the application is essential. Now, whatever the case may be, you have to find out what sticks with the business. There are three terms that you should be familiar with. The first is Gojek, the second is Clone, and the third is MVP.

What is Gojek?

Gojek itself is a company that has been offering its services since the advent of on-demand deliveries from mobile applications. After its popularity, certain other companies started to emerge in different countries that offered the same services. The chain of on-demand companies started a revolutionary cycle that has been labeled as ‘super apps’ mainly because of the wide range of services they offer.

What is a Clone?

Afterward, the term ‘clone’ started to emerge late after the emergence of similar companies like Gojek. Offering similar services to their original counterparts, clones are highly demanding among investors as they save their design and development budgets.

Similarly, the launch of an app like Gojek Clone has been done using many different approaches. They can be either made in a custom manner or via clones. The second method takes great care as entrepreneurs buy the clone app and customize it based on types of business information.

What is MVP?

The concept of MVP is highly specialized here because it deals with super app development. Colliding these two different concepts is generally considered a myth. However, with the help of a professional white-label firm, your Gojek Clone MVP can be launched in just 1-2 weeks.

White-labeling the Gojek Clone App

As the clone concept became popular in general entrepreneurial circles, white-labeling started to become a substantial need for interested business owners. Generally, when a clone app is bought with its licensed source code, every component of the clone app development package becomes a customizable entity.

Getting a hold of an experienced white-label firm is essential to launching your Gojek Clone app’s MVP As an MVP is generalized as a platform with the least amount of features to put forth among your target audience, a clone is the opposite.

Its MVP would contain a comprehensive number of features and services, and all would be customized as per the business requirements. Precisely, those things include;

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Language
  • Currency
  • SMS and Payment Gateway
  • Color Schemes

The process of making these changes is known as white-labeling. In the case of a Gojek Clone, a user app, a delivery driver app, and a service provider app will be rebranded. The features of these three app platforms include various things at once. However, overall, such features and functionalities will be bought by the budding entrepreneur who wants to start a super app business.

Are you planning to launch the app in weeks, months, or years?

Depending on your development approach, the timeline of the app launch can take weeks or even a whole year. Many business owners save their time and money by opting for a cross-platform app development approach. In simple terms, it is the use of one technical stack of codebases to create multiple app platforms.

The reason is that the app landscape is divided into two customer bases: Android and iOS. Therefore, to truly govern the market base, your business must value both customers equally. For that, you need your app to be present in both types of stores.

Now, the option of choosing two apps for everything seems plausible. However, the native app development approach yields the best-performing apps. Unlike cross-platform apps, a native app can take care of all the latest updates and bugs more easily.

In the long run, native apps are considered to have a higher return on investment than hybrid apps. But in the case of Gojek Clone, you shouldn’t worry about developing a custom app on your own.

Finding a White-Labeling Firm

You can search for a reliable white-label firm. The best ones often showcase their client video testimonials first as proof. Moreover, they have demos that you can test for features and services. In a Gojek Clone, you can find the following services:

  • Taxi Booking
  • Order Food, Grocery, Medicine, Parcel
  • Send Anything
  • Hire Genie or Runner
  • Online Video Consulting
  • Bid For Services
  • On-Demand Services

By offering such varied types of services, your super app business can be extremely demanding among users. Unlike traditional app development, which can take more than a year because of the complexity of the app, you can find a clone app to launch in just 1-2 weeks.

In this two-week timeline, three native apps, along with the website, admin panel, and other sub-panels, are all white-labeled. The firm also launched this app after getting the store ID from the entrepreneur.

Therefore, it is best that you always go with a firm that has had multiple clients in the past who have helped with their super app requirements. Moreover, a Gojek Clone app is built with all the guidelines of Google and Apple in mind. This way, the store will not reject your app.


Most designers and developers work on a strict timeline and generally produce a fresh app in just a few weeks. Without the presence of a Gojek Clone, developing a custom-made MVP would take months. That is why some people consider it a myth.