How To Be Sharpen in Cognitive Abilities

Enhancing your Brain capabilities is far more important for anybody to excel in the areas that they want to be. We must care about our mental health. Not to take too much stress as that could make you think negatively and during that time you take pressure. From School we have been told that we atleast need a degree if we want to get a job in government or private sector. We will not be able to utilize our demographic dividend unless we empower them with skills. They will get on wrong direction and will be liability instead of assets for society. But you need some coaching institutions or experienced person in that field to make you know, guide and learn. We must have a aim of increasing high skilled persons and decreasing low skilled persons.Below are some tips to increase your cognitive ability.


We must have a habit of continuous learning as we through ourselves to the obstacle posed to us we try to learn in best possible way as possible. Reading books, taking online classes and attending workshop are the best ways to sharpen your mind.


Get enough sleep makes you feel refreshing. Quality sleep is essential for memory consolidation. A well rested brain can function optimally at any time. Quality sleep must be your priority when you are aging. 


Regular exercises are necessary for developing new brain cells. Physical activity boost blood flow to the brain. That promotes growth of new neurons and enhances cognitive activities. Exercise reduces the risk of cognitive decline. If you don’t want to exercise do meditation or yoga whatever you like.


Minerals antioxidants and fatty acids are essential for our brain. Brain health and cognition has direct linkage with these foods dietary.  As well stay hydrated as that will make your brain function properly.  

5.  Social Connections:

Engage in meaningful discussions that will let you know how others are utilizing there menrtal ability to grow themselves personally.Make friends who involve in all kinds of cognitive activity with you and you compete with them in a healthy manner. Think prudently and make rational actions that make you more logical. Join Social Clubs or Groups that makes you to participate in activities that has large audience. This will open your mind as you will listen to other people also.


Involve in solving puzzles, suduko and other brain engaging activity to fasten cognitive activity. Plan and devote 1 or 2 hrs daily on these activities that will sharpen your brain.

React quickly and practice more that will make your brain function smoothly. You must have ability to make your brain deviant from stressful situations that has been causing you break down. Be proactive in taking challenges. Listen more actively than reacting. If you think lethargically than that will detrimental for your mental ability.


Grassroot level management is needed for revamping the entire system of education. If we don’t include teachers and other expertise training staff then it will be tough to implement it effectively. Their up gradation through training in advanced skill is also needed. We have 65 percent of our population that is working class. So we must equip them with skills that are currently in demand in job market. After  4th generational industrial revolution has made our life simpler and easier. 

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