Importance of Slip-Resistant Tiles To Prevent Accidents

Importance of Choosing Slip-Resistant Tiles To Prevent Accidents in The Bathroom

Ever wondered why is it recommended not to choose any random tiles for your bathroom? It is not just about the design, there are a lot of other factors that make bathroom tiles different from the other tiles. The most important characteristic that makes bathroom tiles different is their slip-resistant property. Tiles for other spaces can also be anti-slip in nature, but floor tiles for bathrooms are designed with high grip to ensure minimum bathroom accidents. 

Apart from this, bathroom tiles have several other properties, such as resistance to moisture and humidity, durability, easy cleanliness, and many more. In this way, the water on the tile can be smoothly discharged through the floor drain. While purchasing floor tiles for your bathroom, you need to ensure that they are slip-resistant and are made of a sturdy material. Here are some most significant reasons why you should go for anti-slip tiles for your bathroom:

1. Higher Safety

This is the most obvious and important reason why you must choose slip-resistant floor tiles for your bathroom. The surface of these tiles is designed in such a way that it provides a better grip, which further reduces the risk of slipping. The materials such as ceramic and porcelain are less slippery than other types of flooring. 

However, you need to ensure that you choose bathroom-specific tiles that are designed to be highly slip-resistant. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also available for kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas but these wouldn’t be suitable for bathrooms. By selecting the right anti-slip floor tiles for bathrooms you can minimize the chances of accidents.

2. Low Maintenance

Anti-slip bathroom floor tiles do not need any additional effort for cleanliness and maintenance. They are easy to clean as ceramic tiles have a smooth surface that you can clean just by wiping them off with detergent and water. Talking about maintenance, you will need to invest much less time and effort to maintain these tiles as they are going to remain slip-resistant no matter what. Once you install good quality bathroom floor tiles, you can be worry-free for several coming years. 

3. Durability

Bathroom tiles are made of different materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. Ceramic Tiles and porcelain are the best materials for bathroom floor tiles as these are durable and less water-absorbent. You don’t need to worry about the wear and tear of bathroom tiles once you install good quality anti-slip tiles. Bathroom tiles are not just slip-resistant but also designed in such a way that they can withstand continuous exposure to water, humidity, and moisture. 

On the other hand, if you install any random tiles in your bathroom you can end up replacing them again and again as tiles made for other spaces do not possess these properties. Therefore, it is advised to go for the best quality bathroom tiles. You can check out the tiles collection of top manufacturers like H&R Johnson and others.

4. Overall Appearance

Anti-slip bathroom tiles are available in a variety of designs in the tile market. You can achieve any look by selecting the right color and style of bathroom tiles. From plain light-colored tiles to digitally-printed tiles for a bold look, you can customize the look of your bathroom as per your preference. Not only designs, but you also get different textures and finishes to choose from. Whether you want a subtle traditional look or a bold modern appearance, you can always find a suitable design in slip-resistant floor tiles for bathroom.

5. Versatility

Anti-slip bathroom tiles are especially popular for their slip-resistant properties, which make them perfect for wet areas. However, these tiles are not just suitable for bathrooms, you can also use them in your balconies, swimming pool area, laundry room, etc. The durability, low maintenance, and other key features of these tiles make them the perfect choice for almost every high-foot-traffic area that is constantly in contact with moisture and humidity. 

6. Affordability

Anti-slip bathroom tiles are not as expensive as you might think after looking at all their features. You can even find the best quality bathroom floor tiles at a pocket-friendly price. Though the price may vary based on the designs and other factors, it is advised to do thorough research before making your final decision. These are also very easy to install hence, you can get the installation done at very low labor costs. The same goes for the maintenance costs as well. 

Where to Get the Best Quality Floor Tiles for Bathroom?

You can find plenty of options in the market when it comes to finding the right anti-slip floor tiles for bathrooms. However, what looks the best is not always of great quality. You can start by creating a list of the top tile manufacturers like H&R Johnson based on customer reviews, prices, experience in the industry, and other factors. Once you filter out the brands, look for their designs, material quality, etc, and compare their products. 

Your decision should not depend solely on the designs or prices. Investing a few extra money now will save you a lot in maintenance costs. Going for a cheap option without considering quality is not a good idea. Make sure to keep all the factors in mind and make your decision wisely.