Online UPSC Coaching by Tathastu ICS

Online UPSC Coaching

Beginning the journey towards becoming a civil servant can be daunting and requires dedication and persistence. Tathastu ICS Academy can help aspirants navigate these hurdles by offering comprehensive courses with expert guidance, plus collaborations with Josh Talks which provides valuable insights.

Tathastu ICS by Dr. Tanu Jain offers best online UPSC coaching

Customized Courses

The Institute offers students from beginner to advanced levels an extensive array of courses from basic to advanced levels, covering the UPSC syllabus in its entirety and including comprehensive study material. Furthermore, personalized mentorship and guidance to prepare for examination are provided along with current affairs magazine publication that serves as an additional valuable resource.

The Academy’s BA + UPSC course offers students an innovative solution that allows them to combine undergraduate and UPSC preparation in one comprehensive program. Taught by experienced mentors – such as former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain – this comprehensive approach includes mock UPSC exams. This innovative educational model sets The Academy apart from other IAS coaching programs.

The institute offers several different course options, such as 3-Year and 2-Year Integrated Courses. These courses enable students to begin preparing for UPSC preparation either immediately after high school graduation or during their final semester of undergraduate degree – thus eliminating unnecessary gaps in study schedule. Furthermore, integrated courses offer formal university degrees which offer more specific and in-depth guidance – especially useful for working professionals who struggle to devote enough time for preparation while at work. Furthermore, mentoring sessions and doubt-clearing sessions are offered frequently at this institute.


Tathastu ICS stands out from other IAS coaching institutes with its exceptional mentorship program, which offers personalized, comprehensive assistance to each student during every aspect of preparation for UPSC exams – from choosing suitable subjects and writing effective answers in both prelims and mains examinations, all the way through to preparation for interviews.

Tathastu ICS provides students with invaluable study materials such as textbooks, supplementary notes and practice questions in its mentoring program in addition to classroom lectures. Furthermore, Tathastu also provides mock tests which closely emulate the UPSC exam format, helping students identify where their mistakes lie as well as ways they can enhance their performance and make significant gains on test day.

Dr. Tanu Jain’s extensive bureaucratic experience gives her unparalleled advice as an adviser in this mentorship program, which has proven invaluable for students preparing to sit the UPSC examination. Her guidance has proven instrumental to many preparing to pass!

Tathastu Institute’s MA+UPSC coaching course is an excellent choice for students who wish to combine their master’s degree with UPSC preparation. The MA in administration from Mangalayatan University and mentorship provided by Dr. Tanu Jain make this an attractive option for serious UPSC candidates willing to dedicate a year’s time towards its preparation.

Mock Tests

As part of your preparations for the UPSC examination, practicing your skills daily is key. Doing this can help enhance your performance and learn new strategies to ensure passing. A good coaching institute will offer mock tests designed to analyze weaknesses and strengths as well as study material, online lectures, and test series that can aid your preparations.

Tathastu ICS Institute provides an intensive UPSC preparation program. This includes classroom lectures, supplementary notes and mock exams that closely mimic the UPSC exam pattern. Their experienced team of mentors and former bureaucrats provide guidance throughout this process while comprehensive study materials and current affairs reviews round out this comprehensive package.

No matter your IAS aspirations level, the institute offers courses tailored to your individual needs. MA+UPSC courses provide an ideal way for aspirants wanting to combine their academic studies with UPSC preparation – these programs feature Bachelor of Administration degrees from Mangalayatan University along with special essay-writing classes led by Dr Tanu Jain herself!

Study Material

Tathastu ICS provides comprehensive study materials for IAS aspirants. Their simulated exams closely mirror UPSC’s pattern, helping students build confidence. Tathastu’s holistic approach focuses on building analytical skills and cultivating resilience – in addition to offering numerous online resources that allow students to customize their preparation plan.

At our institute, our team of mentors provide guidance and support to students. With one-on-one interactions and doubt-solving sessions tailored exclusively for each student, these mentors help ensure success in exams by helping identify strengths and weaknesses, conducting mock interviews before providing feedback afterward.

Furthermore, they offer various course options like BA+UPSC coaching. This course enables students to earn their BA degree at Mangalayatan University while simultaneously preparing for UPSC prelims and mains examinations. Benefits included classes specifically dedicated to essay writing as well as mentoring from Dr. Tanu Jain are many.

This institute specializes in offering Philosophy as an optional subject for IAS exams, with expert faculty members that possess vast knowledge in various philosophical domains to simplify complex concepts. With meticulously planned curricula and tailored guidance that makes for personalized attention from its expert teachers, this IAS prep school stands out among other IAS prep schools in Delhi as it dedicates itself to holistic preparation with unwavering dedication towards excellence – earning its status as the best philosophy-only coaching institute in Delhi.