Do’s And Don’ts Of Sympathy Flower Arrangements

Whether you are selecting sympathy flowers to send for a funeral from afar or bringing a bunch in person, understanding the proper protocol is important for respectfully honoring the deceased and comforting their grieving loved ones. Flowers have always been a traditional way to celebrate a life that has passed, but certain dos and don’ts should be followed to ensure your floral tribute in the form of a flower delivery in Granite Bay CA is appropriate for the solemn occasion. 

1. Do send flowers if you cannot attend the funeral.

If for some reason you are unable to attend the funeral service for a loved one who passed away, then you will definitely want to send a floral arrangement. Sending Sympathy Flowers for Home in Roseville CA  is a nice gesture that allows you to pay your respects even if you cannot be there in person. Just be sure to have them delivered prior to the service beginning.

2. Do NOT send flowers that are too bright or cheerful.

While flowers are meant to symbolize beauty and new life, the type of flowers you choose Sympathy Flower for a funeral need to be fitting for the somber mood of the occasion. Avoid any arrangements with bright colors like reds, pinks, or yellows. Stick to calming, muted colors like whites, pastels, or light purples. The goal is for the flowers to be respectful and not clash with the serious tone.

3. Do send traditional funeral flowers like lilies, roses, or carnations.

Some flowers have long been regarded as traditional choices for funerals because of their simple elegance and somber hue. Floral staples you cannot go wrong with include white lilies, light purple roses, and solid-colored carnations in whites or pastels. These classic options from a nearby Roseville CA Florist are always tasteful and respectful for a funeral setting.

4. Do NOT send mixed floral bouquets or arrangements.

While a mixed bouquet might look lovely for other occasions, funeral flowers should have a unified color palette and theme to maintain a serious tone. Stick to arrangements featuring just one variety of flowers rather than a colorful medley. This helps the flowers complement rather than distract from the somber mood of remembering someone’s life.

5. Do limit floral sprays or wreaths to cemetery placement only.

While flower arrangements are suitable for placement in the home or venue where the funeral service is held, some floral displays like wreaths or spray should only be put on the burial plot or cremation site if there is a procession to the cemetery afterward. Make sure to note on the flower card that sprays or wreaths are “cemetery only” so they get properly placed.

6. Do check if there are any religious or cultural traditions to consider.

Certain religions or cultures have preferred funeral floral traditions you will want to be aware of out of respect. For example, some faiths prefer all-white flowers while others avoid certain varieties that have negative meanings. Do a quick online search about any traditions pertaining to the deceased’s background to guide your choice. It is always the thoughtful thing to do.

7. Do NOT have your flower arrangement delivered too far in advance.

While sending flowers is a kind gesture if you cannot attend, having them arrive more than a day before the service itself runs the risk that they will already be wilting by the time of the funeral. Strive to have your arrangement delivered to either the home or venue no earlier than the day before the service for the freshest appearance.

8. Do include a heartfelt card with your arrangement.

Floral pieces for a funeral should always include a card with your name signed, expressing sentiments of sympathy, fond memories of the deceased, or gratitude towards their life and impact. Take a moment to pen a few thoughtful words as an accompaniment to your flowers – it provides meaning and importance beyond just the blooms themselves.

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