The basics of wisdom tooth infection and how to stay safe from it

The basics of wisdom tooth infection and how to stay safe from it

People usually ignore looking after their teeth until of-course a problem pops up. The trend is no different as far as the UK is concerned. One of the common problems with the teeth is eruption of wisdom teeth. In many cases the problem related to the wisdom tooth requires the solution of surgical removal. Over a period of hundreds and thousands of years man has much less need of the wisdom teeth. In fact at this stage there is zero usage of those teeth. Thanks to the diet we now follow it is easy to bite and chew foods without any help of those extra teeth at the back of the mouth. Rather those teeth often get in the way and make life painful for us.

What is Wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are nothing more than the third set of molars that grow or erupt in man. These teeth usually come up between the ages 17 and 21. You find these teeth at the back of the mouth provided they erupt. Everyone does not grow these teeth. By the time these teeth come up one already possesses a mouth full of adult teeth. Thus the wisdom teeth usually erupt in an impacted environment. In other words it means there is a serious space crunch for these teeth to grow or erupt properly.

A dentist associated with Thousand Smiles dental clinic in London has handled innumerable cases of wisdom teeth infection over the years.  He assures that cases of impacted wisdom tooth are very common and there is absolutely nothing to worry about it. If one goes by numbers, he says, nine out of every ten patients are likely to have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. Furthermore he warns, an impacted wisdom tooth may make you feel fine for the time being. But in the long run it is likely to bring up issues that will not keep you enchanted anymore.

How surgical extraction impacted wisdom tooth?

Before undergoing surgical extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth you should better consult the matter with your dentist. Always remember that in this kind of situations knowledge is power. Any qualified dentist in the UK possesses the necessary expertise to help patients make an informed decision in situations like this. It is always better to bring the potential case of an impacted wisdom tooth to a dentist as early as it is possible. Wisdom teeth grow and develop pretty fast and that could put your overall oral health in serious risk. In most of these situations surgical extraction of the tooth proves easier compared to all other options.

When an impacted wisdom tooth starts erupting and it pushes through the gum tissues to cause pain. Other than pain a lot of other complications may arise as well. These may include a wisdom tooth infection, setting in of tooth decay, difficulties in properly cleaning the teeth and maintaining optimum oral hygiene and others. If you experience any of these symptoms then you must discuss the matter with a dentist without any delay.

Experiencing pain

Pain is a common factor in almost every case of impacted wisdom tooth. When a tooth erupts in a wayward manner it may touch places that it would not touch otherwise if the eruption was normal. These places mostly include the neighbouring teeth and the teeth roots. However the pain that you experience in an impacted wisdom tooth problem is not limited to the tooth alone. The neighbouring gums may also resonate the pain. Even your jaws could hurt because of it.

As far as wisdom teeth cases are concerned, no two people’s experiences are ever similar. You may feel a sharp pain while another person may report of a dull throb. Analgesics or pain relieving medicines are not exactly the ideal solution for impacted wisdom teeth patients. Even introduction of the pain is different for different patients. Whenever you feel an abnormal pain in the mouth that has no apparent reason you should better report the matter to a dentist without unnecessary delay suggests a dentist who possesses years of experience in providing treatment to pericoronitis cases.

Pain in cases related to wisdom teeth often indicates there is an infection. .

Difficulties in maintaining optimal oral hygiene and higher risk of infection

In a large number of impacted wisdom teeth cases it is seen that the problems reach an alarming level even before the initial symptoms are registered by patients. Our mouth is home to several hundreds of types of bacteria and microbes. The moment a wisdom tooth erupts it becomes exposed to those microbes and bacteria residing in the mouth. Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, compared to the other teeth in the mouth. This is because of their positioning. Reaching the entire tooth with a toothbrush or a dental floss is practically impossible. The difficulty is even much greater when one has partially erupted wisdom tooth. It is even easy for food particles to get stuck between the overlapped teeth. As a result brushing those areas become equally crucial and difficult.

When food particles get trapped in a wisdom tooth it easily gets hidden inside pseudo pockets. These pseudo pockets are nothing but tiny spaces that come up between the teeth and the gums. You can say this is the first step of infected wisdom tooth symptoms. The trapped food particle lures the harmful bacteria in the mouth to cause a cavity or an infection. A wisdom tooth must be kept thoroughly clean. Else it may easily lead to an infection. These infections usually affect the neighbouring teeth as well. 

Two particular types of infection relevant to the ongoing context are – pericoronitis and periodontitis.

Pericoronitis is inflammation of the gum tissue nearby the wisdom tooth that is erupted partially. It usually comes up on the little flap of the tissue over the tooth. This condition usually results from the harmful bacteria that grow from the stuck food particles between the gums and the tooth.

Periodontitis is more commonly known as gum disease. This condition stems from lack of proper oral hygiene. Harmful bacteria manage to enter into the space between the tooth and the gums. If this condition is left ignored and unattended one may suffer from tooth loss. The surrounding teeth may also be affected in course of time. 

Prompt and proper treatment for wisdom tooth infection is available at Thousand Smiles dental clinic. Without prompt and proper treatment an infection could take a worse turn in almost no time and make you suffer badly.