Things You Should Learn about Divineshree Attars

There is a famous saying – a good fragrance is a powerful cocktail of memories. This is particularly true because we all used to remember people with their scent many times. When you check the market, you will get numerous options of perfumes and scents. But attars are the ones with the most magical and long-lasting fragrance. Came from the Arab culture, attar’s whiff will surely pull you. Mogra, rose, sandalwood, and jasmine are a few popular fragrances that you will see but several other foreign options have also been added to the cart. At Divineshree, you will get to see numerous fragrances to suit different palettes. 

But before you grab your favorite attar, just read this post to know its different aspects. So, let us begin.

What is attar?

Ittar or attar is the word that is derived from Itir, a Persian word. Used as a natural perfume, the oil is directly extracted from different sources, mainly botanical ones. These may include but are not limited to bark, spices, flowers, and herbs. The oil is naturally distilled to make an attar.

After this, the extracted or distilled oil is placed in the wooden (mainly sandalwood) base to age. Please note that the aging duration can vary from one type of attar source to another. It is mainly between one and ten years old.

What are the different types of attars?

When you check the range available on Divineshree, you will notice that the options are from different categories. However, they can be classified into four categories – herbal, floral, cool, and warm. The detailed information of these categories has been given here:

  • Herbal: These attars are produced from herbs. However, it can also be made from a combination of herbs, spices, and flowers. The fragrance of these attars is very pleasant and does not feel overpowered when applied.
  • Floral: As the name suggests floral attars are manufactured from flowers. You should also know that these attars are made from one type of flower only. Some popular flowers include roses, jasmine, and so on.
  • Cool: If you are wondering what cool attars are, then you should know that cool attars are known for their cooling effects on human bodies. This category includes both herbal and floral attars. Some popular cool attars include jasmine, rose, mogra, kewda, and so on. These attars are mainly used during summer to give cooling effects. Another amazing fact about these attars is that they can help you maintain your body’s temperature during hot days.
  • Warm: Attars that can increase the temperature of human bodies fall under the category of warm attars. Some highly preferred warm attar options include saffron, amber, oud, etc. People use these attars during winter to maintain the heat of the body during chilling weather.

What are the different uses of attars?

Before trying attars from Divineshree, you must want to know the uses of attars. This is a magical aromatic oil that is quite popular among the higher/elite class. The uses can also be seen in Hindu and other cultures. These attars can be used in several ways including the ones listed here:

  • Muslims use attars as personal fragrances because they do not contain alcohol.
  • Different sectors such as the pharmaceutical can have different purposes for using attars.
  • In countries like India and Pakistan, pure attar oil or essence is also utilized in some sweets to add extra aroma and a kick of flavor.
  • The magical fragrance allows attars to be used during yoga and meditation sessions. In addition to these, they are greatly used during aromatherapy.
  • By applying attar, you can lift your mood and feel relaxed.

What is the shelf life of attars?

As mentioned above, attars are aged for many years so that they can smell better. But they still have a shelf and storage life. The good news is that they can be stored for a longer period as compared to perfumes and other similar items.

Where to find the best attars?

This can be a tricky question to answer but Divineshree can be trusted to find and buy high-quality attars at competitive rates. Here, you can have different types of attars that can be purchased for self-use and gifting purposes. In addition to this, you can also find essential oils, homemade soaps, and incense sticks here.