Udyam Registration Online: Key Changes in the Latest Update

Udyam Registration Online: Key Changes in the Latest Update

Udyam Registration, the online platform for registering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India, has undergone some significant changes in its latest update. These changes aim to streamline the registration process and enhance accessibility for entrepreneurs across the country. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key updates to the Udyam Registration Online portal and how they impact MSMEs.

What is Udyam Registration?

Before we delve into the recent changes, let’s take a moment to understand what Udyam Registration is all about. Udyam Registration is an online registration process launched by the Government of India to streamline and simplify the registration of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) operating in the country. The primary objective of this process is to make it easier for MSMEs to avail of benefits and schemes provided by the government. It has replaced the earlier registration process for MSMEs known as Udyog Aadhaar, which was deemed less effective due to various drawbacks and limitations.

Key Changes in Udyam Registration

Listed below are the significant modifications that have been implemented in the Udyam Registration procedure to improve your experience and make it more efficient.

Now, let’s delve into the key changes introduced in the latest update of Udyam Registration:

1. Revised Criteria for Classification

One of the significant changes in the latest update is the revised criteria for classifying enterprises as micro, small, or medium. Previously, the classification was based on investment in plant and machinery or equipment. However, the new criteria consider both investment and turnover of the enterprise. This change aims to provide a more comprehensive assessment of the size of enterprises and ensure that they receive appropriate benefits and support.

2. Aadhaar-Based Registration

In the latest update, Udyam Registration has made Aadhaar-based registration mandatory for individual entrepreneurs and promoters. This means that individuals applying for registration need to provide their Aadhaar number for authentication purposes. Aadhaar-based registration simplifies the process and enhances the security and authenticity of registration data.

3. Integration with GSTIN

Another significant change is the integration of Udyam Registration with the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) database. This integration enables seamless verification of GSTIN details during the registration process, eliminating the need for manual verification. It also ensures that only genuine businesses with valid GSTINs are registered under the Udyam scheme.

4. Provision for Updation

The latest update introduces a provision for the updation of Udyam Registration details. This means that registered enterprises can now update their information, such as turnover, investment, and other relevant details, as and when required. This ensures that the registration data remains accurate and up-to-date, reflecting the current status of the enterprise.

5. Online Application Process

Udyam Registration has revamped its online application process to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. The updated portal features a simplified registration form with clear instructions and guidance at each step. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to navigate the registration process and complete their applications without any hassle.

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6. Single Window Interface

The latest update aims to create a single window interface for various government schemes and benefits available to MSMEs. This means that registered MSMEs can access information about different schemes, apply for benefits, and track their applications through the Udyam Registration portal. This integrated approach enhances the accessibility of government support for MSMEs and promotes their growth and development.


In conclusion, the latest update to the Udyam Registration portal brings several key changes. Aimed at simplifying the registration process and enhancing the benefits available to MSMEs. From revised classification criteria to Aadhaar-based registration and integration with GSTIN. These changes are designed to make the registration process more efficient and accessible for entrepreneurs across India. By staying updated with these changes, MSMEs can take full advantage of the benefits. Offered under the Udyam scheme and contribute to the growth and development of the Indian economy.